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Designed and manufactured

 in the UK

Wren 75, Jubilee 75 & Jubilee 80

Wren will continue to offer full servicing/repairs for these engines for the long term future

Wren 160 & XL200

Wren will continue to offer servicing/upgrades for these engines engines into the near future.

MW54, Supersport & Wren 70

Wren will continue to offer support/general servicing for these engines  for the very near future.   

 Please Note:  Earlier versions of  MW54 (1 & 2) may be more difficult to support due to their age.

MW54 Turbo Prop & Helicopter

Wren will continue to offer limited support/general servicing for these engines.

Please Note:  There are no further supplies of gearbox parts available


Supplies for homebuilds from the Wren plans are now exhausted.  

The designs in the plans are over 14 years old - design & technology has moved on so far/fast that current engine parts are not compatible with those from the plans.